Record 3-Dimensional with Pocket Camera

Several recent films made with 3D technology, so that when we watch with the help of certain glasses, the picture becomes very real. How it works basis for the movie in 3 dimensions is to provide different views to the right and left eye. Therefore, it required special glasses to maximize the results of the 3D movie. 3D glasses usually have 2 different colors to the left and right.

If we are avid movie with 3D technology, it currently has issued a Fuji Film camera for the first time in the world using 2 lenses to take photos or video. Fuji FinePix Real 3D Camera W3 has an 2 lens on the left and right so that they can record images in 3dimensi, because the different viewpoints of the left and right lens. 2 lens, the camera has 2 sensors for each lens.

One of the highlights of this camera is the availability of two options to capture images or video, that is the standard technology with 2D or 3D technology ditawakan this camera. To make the process of capturing, simply select the 2D or 3D. Do not worry goes wrong choice, because at the Fuji FinePix Real 3D kemera W3 will be clearly displayed on the LCD screen writing 2D or 3D that we selected earlier, so that we can realize that we use record mode.

To view the results of HD-resolution video recording in 3D format, we can directly connect the camera to the television screen we use mini-HDMI cable, so the images and sounds can be directly out on the television screen. But the 3D image will appear blurred on television, because we have to use special glasses that came in when purchasing this camera. But if we want to see without glasses, 3-dimensional view will look best when at play directly on the camera via a 3.5-inch screen this camera, because the LCD is equipped with a 3D LCD monitor "Parallax Barrier System", so as to divide the color and light to the eye right and left for 3D effects.

As with other compact cameras, Fuji FinePix Real 3D W3 shape is very compact with a weight of no more than 230g, convenient to carry around just in pemakian daily. It has a complete facilities such as 3X optical zoom, anti-vibration, macros, wide lens, stereo sound recording, and others.

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