Canon DSLR Body Nikon lenses can use with Novoflex

DSLR is a digital camera which shall be used by the photographer, especially professional photographer. In the market so far has been a lot of big brand vendors producing DSLR cameras with a variety of types and features that have their respective advantages. The price also varies, starting price is below 10jt 50jt rupiah rupiah to above can also be selected.

Based on existing conditions in the market today, usually each brand of camera photographer choose according to his needs. The lens is the equipment must be owned by the owner of a DSLR. With the ability to change their lenses as needed, then it is generally a photographer has more than one type of lens.

But the constraints is the type mounted lens is not everything could be used for cross-brand. Therefore Novoflex as a company in Germany that produces some accessories digital cameras began to market an adapter that can make the Nikon brand lenses can be used on Canon brand cameras. It is the Novoflex adapter.

Novoflex can be used for all Nikon lenses including the G series to be used on Canon body. Type Novoflex EOS / NIK-NT produced to a professional photographer with a good standardization and accuracy. In addition to Nikon and Canon, Novoflex also produced for other brands such as Samsung NX and a full range of body Leica M, Hasselblad, Pentax and Mamiya

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