Samsung Shows Off 19-Inch Transparent AMOLED Screen

Ever since Star Wars and Star Trek first aired, the minds of the populace have been filled with futuristic Visions of not just exploding space stations and That Various cataclysmic scenarios bring about the end of humanity, but May Also of how technology and improve the human Evolve condition. In terms of IT, creating a futuristic display technology would likely grab the attention of many. To this end, Samsung has quietly been building a transparent screen based on AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting diode) technology.

The newest of Samsung's Creations, as reports, is a 19-inch AMOLED screen Which, as is befitting of a "world's first-type" products, is even better than the prototype brought to this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Better in the way that, besides being larger (the first-Measured 14 inches), it has a transparency of 30%. This AMOLED Seems to be the latest step in the slow transition Nowhere Towards an age most, if not all, glass-like surfaces are, in fact, transparent screens.

During CES, the screen was demonstrated as part of a 14-inch laptop and the plans for further Developments Included a touch panel interface module for integration into smart and show windows, navigation and transparent IT products. Not only that, but Were there even plans for a large size panel business model to be completed by the end of the ongoing year. There is still no word on how much progress has been made in this Endeavour, but this newest product does seem to Prove That advancements are definitely being made.

Further plans of the company include devising HUDs for helmets and car windshields, Among Other Things. Of course, there is no way of knowing Pls, if ever, will from Standard and Poor projects come to fruition, but given That Samsung succeeded in scaling the technology by 5 inches Within A Few months, Should it be impossible to scale it down.

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