ASUS to Hold 20% of the Netbook Market in 2010

End-users versed in such Things ASUS Know That probably will from last year finished as the second greatest worldwide supplier of netbooks. Because this was possible the performance standard on entry-level mobile PCs grew Pls LAUNCHED the new Intel Atom chips. Additionally, the ASUS put special effort in striking a good balance Between capability and power efficiency on its Eee PCs. Considering this, it Seems logical That the company would seek to maintain, if not Increase, 2010 During its status.

Sure Enough, Digitmes reports Asustek Computer That does, Indeed, plans to keep its position by changing, to Some extent, its approach to the manufacturing of Eee PC systems. Apparently, price competition on the will of changed from the netbook segment is more of a stalemate soon, since most models from all companies use the Same platform.

To make its devices more appealing, the PC maker will from launch models with higher specs, even if the price does end up rising a little. The recently launched NVIDIA ion-based Eee PC 1218 and Eee PC 1015 / 1215 Seashell are evidence of this intention.

The NVIDIA-powered laptops Cost Between U.S. $ 478 and U.S. $ 605, more visibly than the so-called "maximum" $ 500. In return for the extra cash, consumers will from get better graphics capabilities, ESPECIALLY in regards to multimedia. Future company plans include bamboo-covered and multimedia-enhanced notebooks, set to launch on May 13.

Whether or not ASUS succeeds in its plans, Intel's Atom CPUs Are Also Expected to see shipment growth During the ongoing year. By the end of 2010, about 35 to 45 million chips Should be sold, Which is significantly more than the 32 million sold in 2009. In the meantime, Samsung and Acer will of their own make efforts to maintain / affirm on their dominance, while HP is considering "pushing the line" in the second half of the year, in order to remain the leading notebook supplier.

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