Intel Allowed More Time For FTC Settlement Negotiations

The ongoing legal battle Between the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the CPU giant Intel Corp.. May Finally come to a conclusion if the reports are circulating on the Internet are anything to go by. The FTC accused the company, back in December, of Engaging in illegal means of stifling competition on the CPU and GPU markets. Now, it appears Intel That May be planning on striking a deal with the commission in order to avoid a fine and any further financial issues Arise That would inevitably if the case drags on.

According to Reuters, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip maker actually already reached a preliminary settlement, though it is still under discussion and will of continue to be for a short while yet. Because this was possible the commission Gave Intel a month to engange in negotiations.

Now, even though said month is nearing an end, the CPU maker, was given an extension in the Hopes That Will Finally it reaches a suitable compromise. The agreement is supposed to spare Intel from receiving another fine, but under the condition That the changes it made after its November settlement with some extended to AMD's graphics chips.

"Discussions are ongoing, and We have nothing more to add at this point," said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy, even as the company continued to deny any wrongdoing, according to Reuters.

The other side of the deal demands That Intel regulate its use of volume Discounts for both graphics and central processing units, at least that's what the unnamed source implied. It Should, of course, be noted that, since talks are still not finalized, there is still the possibility of certain terms of the deals changing. Either way, an exact conclusion is Expected to be reached by Friday, July 23, though That Can date be pushed back. Predictably, the FTC Itself did not comment on the story.

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