Altek Leo, a 14 Megapixel, HD-Shooting Camera Phone

Next month, the world will be shaken by the ultimate in camera-phones. The Leo, from camera OEM Altek, will sport an almost scary 14 megapixels. That, for comparison, is two more than I have in my full-frame Nikon D700 SLR.

The news comes via GSM Arena, who also supplied these pictures. Pictures which are, as you can see, just CGI renderings. Still, they’re enough to get the idea: the Leo looks to be more of a camera with a phone tucked inside than the usual phones we see, which have the camera added as an afterthought.

All we know of the Leo, to be launched next month at the CommunicAsia exhibition in Singapore, is that it will feature this overcrowded sensor, shoot HD video and (barely) contain a 3x optical zoom lens. There will also be a Xenon flash, a touch-screen, Wi-Fi and 3G.

A little extra snooping of the pictures reveals the lettering around the lens, which shows that it will be a 6.5-19.5mm zoom with apertures running from ƒ3.1 – ƒ5.6. Not too bad for a cellphone.

The design of this beast gives us some hope that this is a real camera with a decent-sized CCD inside: the dedicated zoom-buttons, for instance. We’ll also be interested to see whether this will be sold under the Altek brand, in which case we’ll probably never see it in the West, or sold as OEM gear normally is: with somebody else’s logo slapped on it.

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