PlayStation 3 Finally Released 3D Game

Sony has released four 3D games with the title of Wipeout HD, Super Stardust HD, Pain and the MotorStrom Pacific Rift demo is now available for download via the PlayStation network. This is the dream word game lovers who have long longed for next-gen console they rode in the 3D view, it was every kid's dream in their living room. of course, gamers will need to provide a 3D TV special 3D glasses to appreciate the 3D version of this classic game, but the availability of the first 3D game on PSN (PlayStation Network) is the fundamental step of the strategy of Sony's move to 3D.

Sony has just issued a firmware update for the PS3, to prepare for the launch of the first 3D games on PSN and Sony Bravia 3D besutan are thrown on the market. PS3 owners will be able to buy the whole game in a 3D version only reached into the bag with 23.99 pounds. "We are very excited to be at the helm of all new gaming experience unlike anything previously offered. This is just a small taste of the 3D experience you can expect from the Sony Bravia range of 3D TV and PlayStation 3. "Clearly, John Koller, director of marketing for PlayStation hardware. "PlayStation 3 system continues to be at the forefront of innovation, besides the Blu-ray movie playback 3D will be coming to PS3 later this year via firmware update." Add Koller.

Who presented the demo of 3D digital projector Sony attended by Sir Howard Stringer (CEO and President), Stan Glasgow (Chief Operating Officer) to exhibit superior technology developed by Sony from other companies. "When it has come good 3D versus 3D medioker, you know the difference, Sony knows the difference a great 3D immersive not blaring, it's become the fuel of imagination and easy to watch." Clearly, Sony. We can expect more Sony plans to run the latest 3D games from E3 in Los Angeles next week. SCEA boss Jack Tretton added Sony plans to sell 50 million PS3 by March next year. "As you know, the PlayStation 3 play an important role in building a Blu-ray as a standard HD for this generation, what the PS3 for Blu-ray, we are now ready to do for HD." Add Tretton. 3D gaming is the most anticipated technology for the home will arrive on the market this year.

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