Adobe Lens Profile Creator

Specifically, Lens Profile Creator characterizes three common types of lens aberrations, namely the geometric distortion, the lateral chromatic aberration and the vignette. The general process of creating a custom lens profile for your lens involves capturing a set of checkerboard images using your specific camera and lens, converting the set of raw format images into the standard Digital Negative (DNG) file format using the Adobe Camera Raw processor, and importing the raw DNG images (or the JPEG/TIFF images if you prefer creating lens profiles for the non-raw workflow) in the Lens Profile Creator to generate the custom lens profile. You could also submit the lens profiles that you have created for your lens from inside the Lens Profile Creator to share with the rest of the user community.

Lens Profile Creator is great for photographers at any level who’d like to create a custom lens profile for their own lens. We’re excited about the new utility and we hope that you will find it very useful too.


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