Slow Burn Myths

Of course often heard that when burning DVDs, the slower the better. Some have even willing to sacrifice their time more than 20 minutes to a fire results. The result, they claim to be better than burning at a speed that took under 8 minutes.

The media today has made support for the motor rotational speed is high. certified DVD media at high speed burned at low speed, error produced after burning is higher than when the DVD is burned at the highest speed. But, wait, what limits high-speed and low speed limits what? Low speed begins the moment you choose the speed of 2x, 2.4 x, 4x and 6x. Meanwhile on the speed rating of 6x. This can also be found that the ideal speed for a DVD 16x certified. Even today has found that burning at 22x media produce a lower error than when burnt at 12x.

However, this only applies to DVD media with high quality. This obviously does not apply to low-quality DVD media, which have both local brands and media will be false because the same results when you burn at high speeds or low. Your data will not last long if you burn on a low-quality DVDs.

Burning good results not only in optical desktop

Burning a DVD is good and fast it “should” use an internal DVD Writer installed on a desktop. Over time, burned on the trip by using a netbook or notebook and an external DVD Writer also produces an excellent result and durable. This course must be combined with a DVD that has a high quality, If you use a DVD that has a low quality, the risk of losing data of course can not be avoided.

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