3 Tips Protect Trojan Horse

In ancient Greece a wooden horse was built as a gift to Athena. Inside the horse soldiers were hiding. One full moon night they pulled the horse into the city of Troy. Suddenly soldiers jumped out of it and killed the guards of the city doors. Every male and every son of heroes were slaughtered. After this the city of Troy was burned. Nowadays trojan horse attacks comes in form of computer software. Unwanted applications created to harm and destroy. The name trojan horse comes from the old greek story, and these applications disguise themselves before they make an entry.

Here are three points you should follow in order to protect yourself properly against trojan horses:

1. Stay off suspect sites.

With this I mean when you download pirated software you often get infected by trojans, worms, viruses and other things. To determine a suspect site, or an entire network as well is quite easy. You just have to use common sense.

If you on one site are granted a link to download the information you want, but you cannot seem to find it after your download is complete, there should definitely ring a bell.

Then if you click a link they provide to another site that will have the information you seek, and the same thing happens again, then leave immediately. Often you'll get a file after you have downloaded, but when you click it nothing happens. Congratulations, your infected. Probably with a Trojan horse.

This defines a suspect network, and you should never return. Forget them and go back to Google or whatever search engine you use. Start all over again. But, now you need a trojan remover tool to get rid of these things.
Thousands of people use P2P networks to spread trojan horses and other threats. What they do is to create files packed with malicious software, and then rename them to files people often search for.

Be aware that these people are very creative, so the files that has most sources often are fake. The same thing happens here. You download, and nothing happens. Well, something happens. The malicious software deploys their gizmos, and your computer are at serious health risk. The very best thing is if you avoid P2P of course.

Another thing is email protection. Do NOT open emails from people you don't know that has attachments. This could very well be viruses and other malicious software.

A spam filter is a good thing to have, but they aren't foolproof, and spammers are constantly developing new ways to get through them. So I advice you to use your common sense again.

3. Have some kind of protection software.

No one is safe. Without a proper trojan remover software, you will never be safe. But the good thing is that you don't necessarily have to purchase one. Free trojan remover programs is to be found, and some of them are really good. The link at the bottom of this article will tell you which one, along with other free protection tools for private users

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