Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Browser software world is increasing with the presence of the latest products from Microsoft for Internet Explorer 9. Where is currently in beta development stage aliases. Unfortunately IE9 can only run on Windows 7 that for you XP users can not try it.

It looks more minimalist than previous IE. Url address and tabs are in one lane.

There is a speed dial / bookmarks in new tab page. Much like in Opera or Chrome. But this Beta IE9 only display icon only, not the preview view website.

Beta IE9 HTML5 and supports the latest web technologies. Also possible to create a website as an application in the Windows taskbar. Version 9 also supports hardware acceleration so as to render the images, videos and text that weight more quickly. More info is on the Microsoft blog.

If you want to try to please slide into a special website that is in IE9 Beta.

Regardless of the browser, in fact the most decisive is good or not its Internet network. If you use Internet ngacir any browser can comfortably

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