The easy way to create a DVD Video to DVD Player

When we have enough video collection, and we want to keep it on a DVD that can be run on TV with DVD player, sometimes we wonder how. If you simply save it on DVD so it will not be able to run the DVD Player.

Earlier this may seem troublesome, but now there are programs free and open source that can be used easily.

With DVD Flick, a free program and open source, we can store a variety of video formats that we have into a DVD and is compatible to run on TV with video player.


Supported video formats very much, namely: AVI, AVS, DivX, FLV, HDMOV, MPG, MPEG, MPV, M2V, TS, MP4, M4V, MKV, MJPG, NUT, 3GP, 3G2, NSV, QT, MOV, RM , SMK, OGM, WMV and ASF. Output can be adjusted in accordance with the general size of a DVD or also 4.3 GB various formats / other sizes. Output can be selected to direct the burning (save) to DVD or in the form of an ISO file that can be in other burning time. Produced or DVD files directly on your hard drive.

Here are the steps to create a DVD video with DVD Flick:
1. Download and Install DVD Flick

Download DVD Flick (approximately 12 MB) and install on your computer.

2. Configuration Settings

Once installed, run DVD Flick, then the first step is the configuration settings. Click the Project Settings menu. In the Menu Title General section, fill in the title Video (project) is desired which will appear as a DVD title. Select the desired target size, 4.3 GB standardnya (according to the capacity of DVD). Priority Encoder select Normal or Below Normal. The explanation can be seen by clicking the yellow icon with a question mark beside him.
The easy way to create a DVD Video to DVD Player

Later in the video, for our region (Europe, Asia, Africa) select PAL. Other video settings to let it go like that, but want to experiment yourself. Then, in the Burning section, we can select the Create ISO Image, to produce output in *. ISO format which we can later burning to DVD, if we want to save the results directly to DVD (there must be a DVD-RW and DVD blank) can be chosen Burn Project to disc. If not selected both, will be DVD files will be stored in hard disk drive.

When finished set the Project Settings, click Accept.

3. Insert Video

Furthermore, we can adding the videos that we want to include in the DVD. Capacity is shown in yellow progress display on the left (in percent). We can add various video formats supported by click the + Add title ... You can edit the settings for each video with a click Edit or double-click the title of each video.


4. Saving den Making DVD

After all the videos included do not forget to save the Project, click Save Project. Then if we choose the output in the form of an ISO or saved to disk, select a location that can be arranged at the bottom of Project destination folder. Make sure space is still enough to store the file. After all set, click Create DVD to start the process of making DVD files.


This process usually will take a long time, in accordance with the total duration of the video and CPU (processor) computers are used.

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